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De-stoner, remove stones, dirt clauds and sanitize, wash pecans.

De-stoner, come in two different size and work fast.

Small size is $3,000.00 and the large is $3,600.00

Inspection Table sold

Inspection Table 2 tier $2,050.00 sold

Pecan Destoner Sanitizer out of stock.

Meyers elevators, 4" cups one 11' and one 14' price $125.00 per foot.

Electronic Platform Scale 48" X 48" in stock. $1,350.00

Meyers Automatic Pecan Nut Crackers $4,000.00 Nutcracker ships on pallet, email or call to select size of pecans to set machine, native pecans, medium buds or large paper shell pecans.

Meyers Cracker in stock like new 5562 serial number $4,600.00 Includes Stand

Two Crackers, stand with elevator and shell removeing helper

Champion CA Pecan Nutcracker in stock $2,850.00

1 Champion LC #14 in stock $3,000.00

Roto Sheller with Air Leg, out of stock.

Thompson Vibra Sheller II works good with paper shell pecans, $3,850.00 two in stock.

  MX Stack Sizer 4 screens 5 sizes out of stock.

Meyers 5 screen sizer good condition $5,800.00

1 - 3 screen sizer good condition $4,800.00

Elevators With 4" Aluminum Cups 12', 14', Elevators $125.00 per foot

Savage Equipment 5 Stage 24" Drum and Elevator, call to order

MX Pecan Chopper, 7" Piece Breaker $2,970.00 in stock.

Savage Cracker Model 0260 used good condition just serviced and cracks more 700 nuts per minute $10,500.00 we have in stock.


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For more info call: 830-372-2850