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Pecan Tree and Orchard Sprayers

Custom Spray Rig 2020 John Bean Pump, 18 HP Electric Start Motor, 325 Gallon Tank, 100' 3/4" Hose and Gun, High Performance call for detail.

Savage Sprayer 5528 500 Gallon 540 RPM,

Savage 5528 540 RPM PTO good condition used, new tires $5,750.00

Savage 5000 Sprayer 32" Fan, new tires, 500 Gallon Stainless Tank 1000 RPM PTO, $5,500.00

John Bean Sprayer PTO includes 21' Boom, High Pressure Pump & Hand Gun, $3,549.00

John Bean Sprayer IH Gas Engine, runs and sold as is $1,500.00

Nurse Tank for watering or extra spray material. $1,100.00

Click on Cleaning Plant link to view.

Cleaning Plant For Sale Built By: R Kaiser (IT-HULLS)
Location in Laredo, TX $85,000.00 or make offer, owner will help take down.


Another, Ron Kaiser Cleaning Plant (IT - HULLS)
Location By Pleasanton, TX. Conveyor to De-huller, Blower to Inspection Table, $11,000.00 Buyer to pick up and move.


Savage Pecan Cleaner 4224 New - Gas, call to order.

Savage Electric Cleaner Model 2400 Stationary $8,500.00

Savage Pre Cleaner New 4324 call to order.

Sample pic Savage Pre-Cleaner

Lockwood Cleaner as is 3,500.00 or make offer.

Flory Sweeper 8' Reel, Diesel Engine, Model 7650 S/N 2133 runs good. $14,500.00

Pecan Nut Harvesters

Savage Pecan Harvester 8042 New $8,985.00 call to order. 

  Savage Pecan Harvester 8261 in stock. $23,935.00 plus freight.

Savage 8272 Harvester 6' pickup with side elevator good condition $14,500.00

SNT Double Gear Box with side elevator good condition $8,500.00

Ellis Nut Hustler Pecan Harvester $6500.00

  Several parts in stock for the Lock Wood Harvester

Lockwood Pecan Harvester $4,500.00

Pecan 3 Point Tree Shakers

Nut Hustler 3400 Tree Shaker $4,200.00

Savage Equipment 2548 Tree Shaker with the New Savage  red color.

Savage Equipment Tree Shaker 2542

Savage Equipment Tree Shaker New 2138 $8,335.00 with donut pads, in stock.

FMC 4500 HVS Head Ford Truck Shakes Big Trees $9,500.00

Gould Tree Shaker, HVS Head, shake big trees $9,500.00

AGMAC Tree Shaker, HVS Head

FMC AGH Tree Shakers call for info. 

Pecan Limb Rakes

Savage Pecan Harvesting Equipment Limb Rake 16' in stock $4,385.00 - 18' $4,585.00 in stock.

Savage Fold up 16' Rake used $3,650.00 ready to go.

Savage Electric Elevator for Super Sack or Wagon call to order.

Hydraulic Unit can run two tools, perfect for Limb Loppers $1,150.00

HVS Fork Lift attachment for Tree Shaker $500.00


To email and send Pape mail:

Telephone: 830-372-2850 ask for John or Steve